Electronic Interference

iPhoneWe are drowning in electronic information and email.  The more we are exposed to, the more we think we are supposed to process and accept. It is overwhelming our senses and sensibilities.  It interferes with our relationships with our families and our partners.   In the dialogues I have with clients, one of the main conflicts marriages are now facing is Facebook. I remind my clients , it is a social media tool that was designed by a disgruntled person in college .  It is important to set limits and boundaries around such nonsense in our lives.   It can be a fun distraction from the day and can become an addiction that keeps us in a fantasy world that is not our present life .

Living in the now is the best life. It allows us to flourish in our awareness, letting go of the past and releasing resentments that we harbor.   Though I have found fun in facebooking with old high school friends, it is not really a big part of my current life.  It is a nostalgic resting place to be used sparingly, like reading a favorite book.

I do love the ability to use electronic media to speak with you, and I use it consciously and conscientiously, realizing that it needs boundaries so that I may live my life now in the present.   It is truly the only time we have, the past is done no matter how we feel about it and the future is still being formed in our choices that we make in the present.