Our body is the vehicle through which our soul travels on this Earth. Most people act as if this is an old jalopy that they can do whatever to and it will be ok.  Without regard to what their doctors say, packaging says, we eat fast food, grow food with too many pesticides and then wonder why we get sick or don’t have any energy.  Your body, my body are the altar in which our souls  journey in  this life .   We would never consider going to any altar we cherish and throwing garbage on it, yet it is what many of us do daily to this beautiful bio-body suit.   Mind what you eat, mind what you think, find the self-love you are seeking from others, take care of your gut biome and know all is well.  Don’t eat the fear that is being constantly presented to you, stay in the trust that there is the Infinite Divine at work in your life and on this Earth and that all is well.


We decide whether we are ruled by fear or we choose peace, equanimity and love. where love abides, fear does not; where fear abides love cannot. I don’t remember when I first heard this and was “WHHHAAAAT?? it did not make a bit of sense to me, mostly because I did not realize how much fear I lived in daily life. afraid I’d get sick, afraid my boss didn’t like me and id get fired, afraid of what my family/loved ones really thought of me….. really what I thought about myself. belief creates reality and all reality is subjective. So back to fear, it is taught and then reinforced by culture, media, movies, other people’s fears. To heal from that and create a way of light for yourself, you must create a place where your faith and love abide. believing in yourself, making good decisions, and trusting God/the Universe/Higher Power whatever you think is greater than you are. To know you are not in a random universe, that you are Greatly loved and that everything has a purpose for its experience and existence. In this you find love and in that you will find peace

we are all already one, the illusion is that we are not

The Basics

I know you are searching for a new way to be in your life.  That is what has led you here to my web page. We are the first generation of which so much is being asked. Husband and wife work full time, have children far away from a support system.  Or we are single and having to do all of it, retirement, money, housing, daily routine of groceries by ourselves.  Some of us travel more days than we want to, to earn our living and impress our company.  We are flooded by adds, email, TV, non-stop phones and information on what we need to buy, what we need to look good, desirable.  No wonder so many of us is miserable, and tired to the core.

Worn OutLook around on your next plane ride, no matter the time of day, 80% are asleep in minutes, that is how sleep deprived we are. Ok so enough of the problem, what is the solution?

I have the experience through 22 years in private practice that one pill; one magic thing you buy on the Internet will not fix your life. It is a matter of self-love.  First and foremost self love, then boundaries and deciding what is truly important in your life.  Live with that in your mind at all times (helps keep the distractions at bay, oh, those dreaded distractions!!!).


  • Healthy Food – with healthy food, which for the body is fuel, pure and simple, your ability to think, work and make good decisions that are life giving are easier.   Then good rest, that means relaxation time as well as good sleep.  That said, most of us don’t sleep that well…..because we worry, we are busy with our minds running, stay up too late or drink alcohol at night.
  • Good Sleep – good sleep routines are the most important to a good night’s rest.  Going to bed at the same time each night like a child will help us to regain the sleep of a child.   The body learns to anticipate your next move and wind itself down at night. Restful music, no TV really helps. Once you become more rested and eating good fuel, then life gets much easier.

Electronic Interference

iPhoneWe are drowning in electronic information and email.  The more we are exposed to, the more we think we are supposed to process and accept. It is overwhelming our senses and sensibilities.  It interferes with our relationships with our families and our partners.   In the dialogues I have with clients, one of the main conflicts marriages are now facing is Facebook. I remind my clients , it is a social media tool that was designed by a disgruntled person in college .  It is important to set limits and boundaries around such nonsense in our lives.   It can be a fun distraction from the day and can become an addiction that keeps us in a fantasy world that is not our present life .

Living in the now is the best life. It allows us to flourish in our awareness, letting go of the past and releasing resentments that we harbor.   Though I have found fun in facebooking with old high school friends, it is not really a big part of my current life.  It is a nostalgic resting place to be used sparingly, like reading a favorite book.

I do love the ability to use electronic media to speak with you, and I use it consciously and conscientiously, realizing that it needs boundaries so that I may live my life now in the present.   It is truly the only time we have, the past is done no matter how we feel about it and the future is still being formed in our choices that we make in the present.