Our body is the vehicle through which our soul travels on this Earth. Most people act as if this is an old jalopy that they can do whatever to and it will be ok.  Without regard to what their doctors say, packaging says, we eat fast food, grow food with too many pesticides and then wonder why we get sick or don’t have any energy.  Your body, my body are the altar in which our souls  journey in  this life .   We would never consider going to any altar we cherish and throwing garbage on it, yet it is what many of us do daily to this beautiful bio-body suit.   Mind what you eat, mind what you think, find the self-love you are seeking from others, take care of your gut biome and know all is well.  Don’t eat the fear that is being constantly presented to you, stay in the trust that there is the Infinite Divine at work in your life and on this Earth and that all is well.