We decide whether we are ruled by fear or we choose peace, equanimity and love. where love abides, fear does not; where fear abides love cannot. I don’t remember when I first heard this and was “WHHHAAAAT?? it did not make a bit of sense to me, mostly because I did not realize how much fear I lived in daily life. afraid I’d get sick, afraid my boss didn’t like me and id get fired, afraid of what my family/loved ones really thought of me….. really what I thought about myself. belief creates reality and all reality is subjective. So back to fear, it is taught and then reinforced by culture, media, movies, other people’s fears. To heal from that and create a way of light for yourself, you must create a place where your faith and love abide. believing in yourself, making good decisions, and trusting God/the Universe/Higher Power whatever you think is greater than you are. To know you are not in a random universe, that you are Greatly loved and that everything has a purpose for its experience and existence. In this you find love and in that you will find peace

we are all already one, the illusion is that we are not